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Prayer & Fasting



Early Church History: Before Lent was the tradition we understand today, an opportunity for the church community to repent and seek spiritual renewal, it had a different meaning. Originally,
Lent was understood as an intense season of preparation for “Catechumens”
(converts under training) who were preparing to be baptized on Easter into Christ's Church. The church would walk with these new believers by encouraging, supporting, and praying for them towards the greatest of celebrations: Easter Sunday! 


Lent is a time of renewal and repentance - a physical and spiritual spring cleaning if you will. We enter into an intentional desert or wilderness with Christ as He was led by the Spirit. More often than not, we do not choose the wilderness times of our lives, the wilderness chooses us. However, for Lent, we purposefully enter into the wilderness with Christ, fasting and praying, practicing self-denial, so that we make room to daily feast on His Presence and prepare to celebrate His resurrection.

It begins on Ash Wednesday where we recognize that we are but dust, and to dust, we shall return. We are mortal, and we will die. The ashes are a reminder to us of this death, but they are also a reminder of the death of Jesus who died for us and with us. We follow Jesus into death, and He receives us into eternal life through His resurrection."


Join us for Monday night prayer @ 7pm, during Lent as we feast on the goodness of God. We will pray through specific prayer points as we partner with heaven in this season of Lent. 

Here are a few links with info on how to fast during the season of Lent. 

How to Fast for Lent - A Practical Guide: 

Lenten Guide to focus on the Lord's Prayer during Lent as a church:

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